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    For a start you do not need alcohol to have a good time. Just besuace your friends drink it does not mean you have to. Alcohol should be relied on for socialising as if you drank too much and became overconfident you could become susceptible to all sorts of terrible things. Things that you will regret.You may be shocked to know that 1 in 13 of the British population is dependent on alcohol (they cannot get through the day without a drink), and 1 in 4 adults in the UK drinks too much (Alcohol Concern).Apart from the health issues arising from prolonged, heavy drinking (heart disease, strokes, cancers, brain and nerve damage, organ damage), you need only turn the pages of your daily newspaper to be reminded that alcohol can create all sorts of other problems. Alcohol is a drug; the more you drink, the more tolerant your body becomes to its effects. You need to be aware of how alcohol can start to control you, and eventually take over your life. Some people can control their drinking, while others can’t, and they become addicted to the drug alcohol. No one wants or plans to get dependent on alcohol. Act now before days of meaning to make changes turn into weeks, or even years. There are no easy answers, but making changes can help you regain control of your drinking and your life.You need to want to stop drinking, for yourself. Are you fed up with feeling ill, low, and tired? Has life lost its zing? Your energy and interest in other things is low and has been replaced with a preoccupation with alcohol. You used to feel drinking helped you cope. Now, you feel drinking heavily is causing more problems. There are many things you can do to stop drinking. You can tell your friends NO! When trying to socialise just try to start a conversation or something like that. Giving up alcohol must be made priority number one in your life. A partial commitment is a commitment to failure. Even if you already don’t drink that often, it will be tempting to break your own rules when your friends call you up and invite you out. You’ve got to be willing to prioritise this decision in every situation where it’s relevant, even when that means Just Saying No to pub night. The most effective way forward is to not only make quitting drinking a top priority, but to think, talk, and act like it can be done.Alcohol may be so tightly integrated into your social life that it seems almost impossible to go an entire weekend without drinking. If the only thing you have in common with your friends is that you like the same lagers, you might want to consider finding new friends. I hope this has been of some use!Good Luck!

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Dow Jones at 13,300.02

Finance Comments (2)

In October 22nd we said that the DJ was in for 400 to 600 more points of pain. Since then the Dow Jones went up a little and down a little, a lot of nothing happened until today.

I still expect the Dow to go down to around 12,600 with a lot of noise and fear mongering.

I am publishing soon the second part of the article the Real Economy. Things are much worse than seem by reading the Wall Street media, but for different reasons. I still think that our problems are not a short time recession or the current high price of oil. Our problems are the future runaway inflation and the future high price of oil: it may double or more from here within a couple of years.

^DJI: Basic Chart for DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE IN – Yahoo! Finance

Franklin @ November 7, 2007

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