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    […] days ago, I wrote Dow Jones 13,252. Not All Clear Yet. I said "the surprise move is non-existent, so this 300 points rally may reverse by Friday. […]

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    Hyperinflation will push the markets up to maybe 100k. However it will take $27 to buy a galoln of gas.Fractional Banking will cause the Dollar to devalue 9 times.the second the banks believe it’s safe to begin lending again that will be the beginning of the inflation rocket up.

Dow Jones 13,252. Not All Clear Yet

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Last Friday I wrote that the Dow Jones was Ready for Next Leg Down. I said that “barring a surprise move from the Federal Reserve next week, the next meaningful movement for the Dow should be below 12,5000“. Today we had the surprise move and the Dow rallied almost 300 points.

I will add here two notes of warning. First, the surprise move is non-existent, so this 300 points rally may reverse by Friday. Second, if this move does not continue tomorrow with a close above 13,260 it will reverse by Friday or Monday and the next move will continue to be down to below 12,500. Hopefully, the Short Term Bear Fest that I announced in October 12th was starting, is coming to an end. Unfortunately, if it is already coming to an end, it is because of speculative hopes and increased liquidity, which will bring us tons of problems two years from now.

Franklin @ November 28, 2007

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