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  1. Debu December 26, 2015 @ 7:11 am

    I’m glad that it boosted trffaic. I think the league is good for trffaic but I’ve never been able to demonstrate that. My trffaic has grown since joining (forming) it but how would I know if it would have anyway. At this point, I’m in it for the camraderie.

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Congratulations spammers! You manage to broke the 1000 barrier in just 2 months! It took you 6 months to achieve it in the first version of this blog. However, don’t feel too good about it! Most of the merit should go to Blue Host, where I am now hosting the blog.

I know, I know, Godaddy would give you so many 500 errors that you could not do your job properly. I hope you are enjoying the new speed and reliability of the site as much as I am.

Franklin @ January 10, 2008

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