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Holidays are over!

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The yearly grinding from Thanksgiving to New Year is over. Now we can start doing important stuff again. It’s not that I think that meeting with family is not important stuff, it is that the regiment of three months of forced march is starting to get too much for me.

Mother in-law was here since November, and before you make any easy jokes about living for 2 months with your mother in law, let me tell you, I already made them all.

So, we had to tie with chains the teenage son so he would not somewhere else to spend the holidays; and we had to hide behind our doors to avoid unwanted yearly visitors (why is the people you like the least come visit during November and December)? And if you are thinking “my mother in law”, remember she may be reading this.

The people you love may leave but they always stay. The trick, I am learning, is avoiding that the people you don’t love stay as well.


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Franklin @ January 10, 2008

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