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    […] truth of the matter is that, since the mid 70s, Americans have lost the wealth they created during the previous 30 years with economic policies similar to those of Obama’s. […]

American Workers’ Dwindling Participation in America’s Riches

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The following chart shows the salaries of American workers compared to GDP. As you can see, it has been falling steadily since 1969.

But for a few good years during the Clinton administration, American workers have very little to cheer about, having less participation in the economy than during the depression years.


This is not the doing of one administration (although certain administrations are more punishing than others) but the sign of loss of good industrial jobs for crappy "service" jobs.

As salaries went down, so did the America’s Disposable Personal Income.


The result is that we are now broke

Franklin @ May 2, 2008

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