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A Rhapsody for Past Technologies

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I’ve been a customer of since 2002. I used to connect Rhapsody to my home stereo using Netgear MP101. It never worked great, but after fiddling a little with the wireless network, the Netgear box and my home PC I would be able to stream music during dinner. However, with the release of Rhapsody 4.0 I lost the ability to stream in upnp mode to my Netgear box. Well, not completely. I can only stream one song at a time.

I searched the web for solutions, and I found that, basically, Netgear MP101 is no longer supported (the last firmware update was back in 2004), and is not supported by Rhapsody either.

However, I found some nice options to connect upnp servers with Windows Media Server and thus stream music to my XBox, which is also connected to the home stereo.

So, if you find you can’t stream to Netgear MP101 but you have an XBox, take a look at a number of upnp connectors available on the web and give them a try.

Franklin @ September 8, 2008

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