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On The Wall Street Bailout

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I used to call it “The Reagan lobotomy.” The Reagan lobotomy was performed during a few years of high inflation, and the American people made a sacred commitment. “We will give up our rights as workers for the good of the country.”

I covered the results of this agreement in other posts. Today, I will mention why most Americans oppose the bailout, and how our politicians are utterly out of touch with the American feelings.

It is not a small feat for the American people to give up improvements on education, veterans’ rights, workers comp, social security, health, etc. However, they got convinced by the Reagan administration that those were the culprits of the high inflation of the 70s and they said, “We are with the country, we will make do to avoid future inflation.”

That was “the social contract” Reagan established with the American people, and since Reagan, every single president pandered to the fiscal conservative intentions of the American people. Now, after 30 years of sacrifice, they are trying to give our money (the money we did not have for our elderly, for our children, for our soldiers) to a bunch of Wall Street crooks? Wall Street!

Any politician that tomorrow signs off on the Big Scam Bill will need to do a lot (A LOT) of explaining to the American people. They may not understand, they may think that they can sway us with dire warnings of bad times to come; they may think that we only care for tomorrow and for our small comforts. But the river runs deep. There is a lot we gave up for the country, and we will not let them spit on 30 years of social sacrifice to benefit Wall Street.

Bring on the next depression, and put the crooks in jail.

Franklin @ September 25, 2008

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