1. Charles Trento January 16, 2010 @ 7:50 pm

    i am not sure i understand your stance here but i think it is awesome that the current administraton is holding big business accountable for the lies and deceit they’ve shown to steal money from me — the American worker. my tax dollars pay for corporate welfare so the company can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to bonuses to people who couldn’t go broke if they never made another dollar. if the obama administartion is capable of enforcing accountability with my work, good for them. reagan would be totally baffled by the concept.

  2. Raju March 29, 2010 @ 8:14 pm

    Economics & administration, what a nice combination. A lucrative post. You did a handsome job. Well done.

Despite Risks, Workers Guzzle Company Stock – WSJ.com

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The Wall Street Journal
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What can I say? Companies found the ultimate bag holder?

Next week I will write an article about when the Obama administration will finally stop talking down the economy. Hint, it won’t be before we all are crying uncle.

I think I understand the cunning ways of this administration. I may even think it is necessary to create the social conditions to deflate once and for all the Reagan Bubblenomics. I am sure as hell I don’t like the implications. Tough luck. These guys are hell bent on breaking the back of the Reagan economy so they can put it together again. The crowd dynamics is playing in their favor: we are all starting to save and to abhor credit.

What the hell. Maybe it’s even a good idea to do it.

We need to move away from an speculation economy to a productive economy once again. What bothers me is that they are doing it on the backs of the American worker.

Again. Workers guzzle company stock: the swan song to Reaganomics. Remember? “Greed is good“.

When most workers are broke, unable to pay their debt, destitute and furious, we may start to build up a more sustainable economy without 20 year old millionaires.  The question is. Do I trust these guys to do the right thing?

Despite Risks, Workers Guzzle Company Stock – WSJ.com

Franklin @ August 12, 2009

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