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  1. Sarah Connor October 25, 2011 @ 2:10 am

    I’d like the winter be one of expressing our discontent. I’d like to hear voices from those who have, until now, been silent because no one would hear what they have to say. I want to hear how it has felt to lose loved ones due to dental abscesses, children too fat from growing up on food from community kitchens and convenience stores. I’d like to hear from those who lost a loved one in the wars either due to combat or to suicide. I’d like to hear from those who have a psychotic parent or sibling and there is no help. I want to hear from those who are working for $8.75 an hour and the bank just charged him $35 overdraft fee, which lowered his available balance, so that his next four checks were also overdrafted – upon which there will also be fees. He won’t be able to make that dental appointment for his little daughter. When he and his wife went to the social services office to see if they could get any help they were told, ‘Get a divorce.” Or those who have lost all that they ever had to pay medical bills that are unpayable. There are stories and stories and stories. Gather them up and nail them like Luther’s Grievances on the virtual internet Wall. Let’s talk amongst ourselves – Blue Collar and White Collar, service techs and sales reps, engineers, teachers, truck drivers, tradesmen, cosmetologists,waiters, and snowboarders the families of the incarcerated of the country. Include the evangelicals, the Buddhists, the Native Americans and the Walmart shoppers. All of us. The People.
    What if, after we mull over these grievances, we decide to shun them?


    The 1%.

    What if they gave an election and people ignored it?
    What if they declared a war and nobody showed up?
    What if people cancelled their mainstream media news programs – or even better, dropped the satellite or cable T.V.
    Some states might set up a type of state peace corps to employ people and also to teach much needed skills to neighborhoods desperately in need of support. All sorts of local and state and individual projects might be inspired.

    But we’d all be no longer disappointed, frightened, and embarrassed by the Federal government if we gave them no more than they demand, and don’t ask them for a damned thing, except to protect our borders, to preserve the constitution, and get off our backs.

Why it is important that Occupy Wall Street Remains Independent

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A The Onion called Occupy Wall Street to define a position so everybody could move on and ignore them.
The old guard doesn’t get Occupy Wall Street. They still think in terms of “political movements” when Occupy Wall Street is a moral movement.
For too long, Morality (and I mean Morality, not chest-banging in the name of a cause) have been absent from Politics; when morality should be the basis of politics.
I call immoral the recent move by Bank of America to unload their risky bets unto the unsuspecting American people. (And yes, it’s the American People, not the “taxpayers”, let alone “consumers” as the mainstream press degrades our role in society.)
Different groups have tried to shape the discourse in different, and comfortable, directions. Some try to paint Occupy Wall Street as a group of losers looking for a hand-out. Well, if you think of them like that, what do you think about Wall Street? To me, they are the bigger losers, and the ones who got the bigger handout.
And when I talk about handouts, I am not talking about the bailout money. Any political or financial commentary that says “they paid back the bailout money” is ignorant at best, and disingenuous at worst. The bailout hasn’t stopped. The banks continue to receive loans at record-breaking low-interest without any obligation to pass that money stolen from the working people (by the way, I am not talking about overall-wearing people here, I am talking about anybody who does work before being paid) to the society under any circumstances.
Did I mention the monstrous transfer of risk from Bank of America to the American People (yes, the We at the beginning of the Declaration of Independence; We, the ones that should have a government of the people, by the people, for the people).
The immorality of Wall Street traders (and no, Ann Ryan wasn’t talking about them: they are the ones who grow government to receiver bigger handouts) that permeates American politics needs some “checks and balances”.
Occupy Wall Street may be, or not, short on checks, but they sure are the moral balance to the decline of this great country.

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Franklin @ October 20, 2011

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