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Occupy is here to stay

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Regardless of what happens with this wave of protests (winter can be a big deterrent for popular movements), the occupy movement, its continuation, spawns, and follow-up movements are here to stay. Washington has two illusions: that the movement wanes during the winter months and doesn’t come back, and that the 1012 elections offer a relief, or at least change the subject long enough.
Problem is, we are going through a global systemic crisis of the capitalist system, and it’s not going to go away with the next election, or during the winter. This crisis will last at least a decade. That’s a decade of high unemployment, cuts to social services and public education, a decade where Wall Street will try to discharge their loses in the backs of the American people.
Under that framework, electoral politics are just a farce. Politicians can yell until they are red in the face “more spending”, “more tax cuts”, but the American people (not yet the 99%, but the 75%) disapproves of the sad act that Congress is putting. That’s right, only some 25% of the American people feel represented by the current Congress (both parties), while they seem to be oblivious to that silent call for change. Focused on their needs of their constituencies as related to them by lobbyists, Congressman and women are playing a dangerous game of chicken. They expect something is going to change so they don’t have to. Problem is, they are playing this game against an unmovable wall.
Meanwhile, Occupy Wall Street will continue and will replicate under many names and with slightly different styles. At the core of this, and future movements, will be the same claim for a deeper form of democracy that listens to the needs of the American people, not to the highest paying bidder.

Franklin @ October 24, 2011

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