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I was born and raised in Argentina. Wrote for the Government News Agency (TELAM), the lead financial newspaper (Ambito Finanaciero), and the lead “liberal” newspaper (Pagina 12).
In 1998/99 I was convinced that the Argentine economy was nos sustainable an decided to leave the country and brought my family to live to the US.

I work for a high tech company in my free time, and study history, economy, and write this blog and some fiction whenever I can.

In the Politics of Debt, I try to explore how debt influences the American public and their political choices. From a broad perspective, you could say, for instance, that deeply indebted workers will see their chances for protest highly reduced (they will have less of an economic cushion to participate in walkouts, strikes, etc.). The problems are many and interesting and they have deep implications in the political, moral, financial, and personal areas. Why do I do this? Because I do not like how financial news are presented to the public and how a small number of fundamentally idle people in Wall Street benefits from the efforts of the American people as a whole.

Do I make any money out of it? No. Although the site pays for itself, it was never the plan to make money. Although I have received offers to comment on services for a fee, I rejected them. I comment on anything I feel like commenting about, and I do not comment on anything I do not feel like commenting.

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I appreciate your comments. I welcome feedback and pingbacks.

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Franklin @ September 10, 2007

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