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The Lobbyist for the 99%

Franklin @ October 17, 2011 # No Comment Yet

Occupy Wall Street is being pressured to “make demands”, “offer solutions”. I contend this is not the role of a broad-based grassroots movement, that’s the role of the elected officials. Occupy Wall Street has been very successful so far in becoming the “Lobbyist for the 99%”. Think of it as a lobbyist who brings home […]

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Ghosts and Demons

Franklin @ October 17, 2011 # One Comment

President Obama said today that the OWS shouldn’t demonize the people working at Wall Street. I would agree in general with that, but I suspect that OWS is not against the clerks, analysts, etc. who work in Wall Street, but rather against those who don’t work. Not only those who don’t work, but those who […]

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And yet the data shows a fast recovery

Franklin @ December 31, 2010 # 2 Comments

This is an update to a post published almost two years ago: Some Historical Perspective on the Current Recession.Back then I analyzed data until the third quarter of 2008. The data showed that we weren’t in a depression yet, and that Up to the 3rd quarter of 2008, the economic recession was shallower than the […]

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Gold Chatter

Franklin @ May 22, 2010 # 4 Comments

Image via Wikipedia There is a lot of chatter about gold these days. Gold lost around 5% since May 12 and the chatter box is running wild with explainers. Here it is, yet, another explainer. There is nothing to see folks. Gold was overextended and it entered a correction period. These corrections can go from […]

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On long term trends

Franklin @ August 11, 2009 # 4 Comments

From an historical perspective, the Dow could go down to around 3,600 and all would had happened is that the speculative bubble of ReagonomicsĀ  would have been completelly deflated. Get a complete chart of the Dow, trace a line from the bottom in 1942 connecting with 1974 and you will see how in 1981 the […]

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Gold Correction Seems Over

Franklin @ February 1, 2009 # 3 Comments

Gold correction seems to be over and the spot price will be looking for a retest of 1,000 in the coming weeks. As any other speculative asset we will have to see how it behaves at the previous high. Breaking above 1,000 will signal that higher prices are ahead. Failing to break above 1,000 will […]

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Rally to Begin for At Least Two Months

Franklin @ October 3, 2008 # One Comment

I mentioned before that there is no correlation between the markets and the economy. As matter of fact, when the Dow Jones was at 14,000 I wrote about how bad the economy actually was. It is easy to talk about a bad economy when things look bad, it is another story to do it when […]

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The Terrible Plot of The American Economy

Franklin @ September 24, 2008 # One Comment

I am so bored with the latest installment of the movie The Big Scam. Not only we have seen it all too many times, but the casting is all wrong. I must admit that the casting of Paulson as the evil terrorist who threatens with the destruction of the American and world economies if he […]

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Revisiting a post from May

Franklin @ September 22, 2008 # No Comment Yet

Back in May, when I wrote The Real Economy III: The Peopleā€™s GDP some reader dared ignoring the data and saying something on the vein of “when I see something called “the people’s” I know it is going to be wrong”. I guess it was some of those who really thought the economy was sound, […]

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This 4th of July…

Franklin @ July 2, 2008 # No Comment Yet

This 4th of July, as we’re celebrating independence and freedom, many senators are getting ready to come back to Washington and sell out some of our most fundamental freedoms. Don’t let it happen. Take action now. Dear ACLU Supporter, On Tuesday, July 8th, the Senate will consider an unconstitutional FISA bill that lets lawbreaking phone […]

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