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We don’t use our users email address for anything unrelated to the administration of the site. Period.

That means, we will not contact you, we will not send you unsolicited email, we will not share, sell, trade, etc, etc, etc, your email address with ANYBODY. We may send you eventually a message to let you know if you need to do something about your account, and that’s it.

Some of the sites we link to may collect tracking information in the form of cookies. We don’t use that information at all, only for traffic reporting (i.e, how many people is visiting the site, and such).

We use cookies for the polls (to avoid repetitive voting), but we don’t log the IP addresses of the users who vote in the polls.

Even if you leave an anonymous comment, WordPress saves your IP address, however we delete the IP address immediately with the plugin Delete Comment IP. Furthermore, I modified the original plugin so it now deletes only the IP address of anonymous commenters and it does it as the comment is posted (does not wait for a new comment to be posted). I also modified it for MySQL 5.0, which apparently is what I am using.  (If you want the code drop me a message).

So if you enjoy wearing tin foil hats, please feel free to comment on the blog.

We use Askimet to stop spam, if you are a spammer you may not receive the benefits of our privacy policy.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Thanks for visiting

Franklin @ August 28, 2007

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