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How Your 401k And IRA Rob You

Franklin @ December 8, 2007 # No Comment Yet

“Don’t worry about a thing;” said my doctor, “I have an excellent risk management program for your health.”

“Great, that sounds great,” I said, “I like avoiding risk. What are the risks you see in the management of my health?”

“Well, you know, the functioning of the human body is a mystery, it is random. So the most important thing is to medicate you for different possible diseases and go around changing the medication as I see you evolve.”

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The Rags To Riches Trap

Franklin @ December 7, 2007 # 2 Comments

We are impressionable animals. Our biology evolved to help us pay attention to the unusual in the pattern.

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Sinclair Lewis’ Quotations

Franklin @ October 28, 2007 # 2 Comments

You can, and should, read Sinclair Lewis‘ seminal book It Can t Happen Here. His biography is available (of course!) at Wikipedia. I want to share here a few great quotations: “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” “The trouble with this country is that there […]

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